Wednesday 27 December 2017

The Barnet Eye Predictions for 2018

Mark a date in your diary. 27th December 2018. Put a note there. In exactly 1 year, check back to this blog. I have a few predictions to make, having gazed into my crystal ball.

Here are five national and international predictions.

1. Politics. My prediction is that Donald Trump is still the President of the USA and Theresa May is still the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I do not think that history will judge this as a good period for either country.

2. We will be no clear as to what sort of trade deal the UK will have with the EU than we are today. As the likley impact of this impasse starts to hit, I predict that the likes of Nigel Farage will scream betrayal and claim that the problem is that UK politicians are putting the economic health of the UK before his perception of the will of the UK electorate.

3. Donald Trump will declare aliens exist. I sincerely hope that he does it in a late night tweet.

4. The Daily Express will announce that a cure for cancer has been discovered (* Conditions may apply)

5. England will reach the quarter finals of the World Cup.

And here are five local predictions.

1. Five council seats will change party in the Council elections in May. The leadership will change from Conservative to NOC.

2. Two current Labour seats will be won by The Conservatives.

3. A local Conservative Councillor will resign due to a scandal before the end of 2018, causing a by-Election.

4. The first steps to unravel the Capita  Outsouricng contract will commence post the May 2018 Council elections.

5. The Thameslink Franchise will have a new operator announced.

What are your predictions?

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