Sunday 15 August 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 15 Aug 2022

 So here we are, half way through August. How has your week been? I've had a good week, catching up with friends, seeing my first football locally since December, it feels like things are really starting to get back to normal, which is a pretty good feeling.  Lets have a look at what our esteemed local tweeters have been up to. 

1. It was great to be back at Brickfield Lane watching Hadley FC. Great to see so many familiar faces. This was a real highlight, a good performance from Flackwell, who did well with ten men and kept going until the last minute, but Hadley just about edged it 2-1

2. A date for your diary

3. I love this picture from Pete Scully. I've had a few bags of tasty chips from the Captains Cabin over the years. Used to have to walk past it when I lived in Mollison Way for a couple of years, on the way back from Burnt Oak Station, the aroma of fish and chips was irresistable.

4. Regular readers will know that we've been supporting Mark Amies and his campaign to save the Railway hotel in Edgware for several years. I do hope one day I can stop including these tweets and have a pint in their with Mark instead

5. Another date for your diary. we thoroughly recommend this

6. Any Adobe Illustrators out there who fancy helping a very fine community project?

7. Fun was had in West Hendon Yesterday!

8. And fun will be had in Edgware next weekend

9. If you like beer, why not get a freshly brewed can from our local brewery!

10. What's your favourite riff? This one sounds pretty good to me, but I have to admit I am biased!

That's all folks!

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