Sunday, 8 August 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 8th August 2021

Well we are in the height of the British Summer season, although you'd never guess looking out of the window. I'm sitting here staring at the rain falling in our back garden with our two dogs, hoping for a break so that we can do our Sunday Totteridge valley walk. The silver lining is that it means I can get the Tweets of the week done nice and early, so you can have the whole rest of the day to spare! So what have the tweeters of Barnet been up to this week?

1. Well lets start in Mill Hill with the weather, where the Inside Mill Hill captured this rather good picture of the storm that caught me out on the way to the park on Friday! Looks like the lucky old sausage was tucked up in his nice warm bedroom.

2. And on to more serious matters. Football. It's back! If I hadn't had an appointment at Wembley I'd have been on the terraces watching a local derby in the FA Cup, where Hadley FC beat Edgware Town 3-0. I will be back up to Brickfield Lane next week. Well done to both teams on what looks like a great game

3. Fun in Burnt Oak yesterday and today. Why not get down and check it out

4. And some great news from Edgware, Edgware Cricket Club will be playing league cricket from next year

5. Off to Cricklewood now for some rather surreal graffiti. I'd be fascinated to see if there is any other examples of rather strange graffiti in the Borough (I don't mean the rather dull tags that seem to blight everywhere these days)

6. Fancy some urban ecology?

7. Fancy trying out Yoga? This will be amazing if it's a Sunny day.

8. Ever wondered what Brent Cross looked like before it was Brent Cross shopping centre?

9. If you were a Jewish teen in the 60's - 90's maybe you can help. I love this picture. It wasn't just Jewish kids that loved a good late night bagel from Dino's. If you do have a pic, please remember to tag us in

10. Barnet has a proper new community paper, available in many places such as Libraries etc. Get your copy. Packed with interesting articles. ALso available on line

That's all folks. 

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