Wednesday 5 August 2009

Ahoy Matey's - Pirates to the Starboard, Captain Useless to the rescue !

One of my favourite tasks at the Barnet Eye is keeping an eye on what the competition is up to. Until quite recently, I was under the impression that to become a Tory Councillor, you had to have a lobotomy which made writing interesting blogs impossible. I suspected that Mike Freer and Richard Cornelius had a little room at the back of North London Business Park where the surgery was performed (I must admit that in the days of the sadly missed BARNETSTHIRDEYE blog, written by one of our young whippersnapper Tories, I thought they'd missed with the black and decker and sent the poor young man into overdrive).

Anyway, since he was liberated from the shackles of Deputy Leadership, Councillor Matthew Offord has actually been writing a rather good blog on sailing. The latest entry about pirates is actually well worth the effort. I'd not given any thought to the issues and challenges of actually paying these Somalian pirates a ransome till I read Matthews blog. Anyway, if you have a spare 5 minutes, check it out. If he keeps this up, I'll have to give him a new nickname as Captain Useless seems to be a tad tired (any suggestions - leave a comment).

Also blogging in the Times is a new face - Kim Chechetto - Kim seems to have a keen interest in Childrens issues. I'm glad that the Times have reprised the "community bloggers". I find Kim's postings to be quite interesting. I've no idea at allwho she is or what her background is because unlike my old blog, they haven't bothered to put up a byline, but hopefully they'll rectify that.

An interesting development at Not The Barnet Times. It seems that Don't call me Dave has an apprentice. A couple of blogs have been posted there by Hijacker.

One other interesting blog that has sprung up is Colemansgottago. This is a fan website dedicated to the life and times of the effusive Mayor of Barnet, Brian Coleman. Unlike the Barneteye, which is always fair and objective, this hagiographic site is dedicated solely to telling us all about Mr Coleman, how hard working he is, what books he reads and what a good job he's doing. Anyway, it's good to see some balance.

Probably the most bizarre local blog is Tory Harrow PPC Rachel Joyce. She complains that someone in Stanmore has written to the press compaining that she's running a campaign against the sitting MP. Note to bloke in Stanmore. It's her job to run a campaign against the Labour MP. Note to Rachel. If you get upset about this, you are probably in the wrong job.

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Don't Call Me Dave said...

Hijacker is having a trial run and his/her identity will remain a closely guarded secret. All I will say is this: you will never see Hijacker and The Stig in the same room together!