Friday 1 October 2010

Exposed - Barnet Council and the art of cheating in public tendering

Barnet Council Future Shape tendering - this is quite unbelievable :-
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Open the PDF and go to page 20 -  The Scoring system is clearly distorted. Read the notes  - not exactly biased are they?

The whole documents is full of assumptions , contradictory statements and more future shape gobbledegook.

It insults staff by stating “But it is also very clear that the services require a fresh injection of intellectual capital..”

Why have they hidden the figures this way I don’t know but it is in  public document so at least we now know.

It's bad enough that Barnet Council are distiorting the process of bidding for public service contracts. What is worse is the fact that they are too dim to realise we'd catch them and they insult us by calling their employees thick in the process. If I was going to start with a fresh injection of intellectual capital in Barnet, I'd suggest they start with the leadership.

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Mr Reasonable said...

What is even worse is that this report was only made available hours before the Future Shape Scrutiny Committee Meeting giving no time for either public or committee members to read the report in detail or for the public to ask questions. I submitted a formal complaint to the committee chairman and members before the meeting that this was fundementally undemocratic.