Monday, 8 July 2013

Hugh Rayner responds to John Sullivan blog

Following the guest blog by parent carer last week, Councillor Hugh Rayner contacted Mr Sullivan to clarify a few issues. Here is a summary of the points in Councillor Rayners email to Mr Sullivan
Re the BMOSC meeting -  please appreciate that the T&F group is a continuation of scrutiny and will report back to BMOSC.

I read your blog in Barnet Eye. I was a little disappointed that you did not mention that the vote to create a T&F group was unanimous - not divided on party lines. But in fairness all that was on the table on Tuesday was whether or not we created a T&F group -  and that was achieved without your statement being read out!

Well now I have had my two pennies worth -  I will now attend to getting the T&F group scheduled,  something I can influence -  and will hope that it does come up with some recommendations which will prove useful and helpful for all concerned.

Mr Sullivan,  and I hope this will not sound patronising,  I am impressed with your enthusiasm on this subject -  maybe enthusiasm is the wrong word,  maybe dedication is better - but it does rankle when you continually tell me that Barry Rawlings is the only one who cares. Now Barry is wonderful chap but he does not have a monopoly on caring!
I think it is fair to say Councillor Rayner and Mr Sullivan agree on one thing, that Councillor Rawlings is a wonderful chap! He is certainly one of the best councillors in Barnet. Councillor Rayner has now set himself a big challenge. He has stated that Councillor Rawlings is not the only councillor in Barnet who cares. The Barnet Eye is of the view that actions speak louder than words. We await with interest to see what transpires. If Councillor Rawlings has managed to persuade the members of the committee to see sense and have compassion, then hopefully we will see some progress.

As for Mr Sullivan, he is not convinced. He stated in an email to me
Time has taught me where Conservative councillors are concerned saying is not doing, there is no way I will allow myself to appear directly or indirectly warming to Cllr Rayner until such time he does what he says.
So the ball is now in Councillor Rayners court. He has the opportunity to make a big difference to the way people such as John Sullivans daughter Susan are cared for. He can confound his critics or he can confirm their scepticism. I would suggest to Councillor Rayner that he considers the reasons why Councillor Rawlings is held in high esteem across the community. He is prepared to stick his neck out and fight for the people who can't fight for themselves. Respect is earned. Until such time as Barnet Council either bring Your Choice Barnet back in house and properly fund it, or they install a regime at the company which is totally committed to delivering services rather than cuts, I suspect Mr Sullivan and the other people at the sharp end of the cuts will not warm to Mr Rayner or his colleagues. They are not stupid and they want action. It is now over to Councillor Rayner to show whether he is a man or a mouse.

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Ron said...

And now we know why Cllr Rayner is so concern and cooperative - he was hidding a body in in the committee papers.