Thursday 7 May 2015

The Barnet Eye Election Message for voters in the London Borough of Barnet

People died for the right to vote in the UK. So whatever your politics we urge you to vote in the General Election. Unlike every other political commentator in the country, we will not insult your intelligence and tell you how to vote But we will give you a few guidelines.

If you think your local MP has worked their socks off for you and you think they are honest, decent and trustworthy and you think they've done a great job over the last five years, please vote for them because they probably deserve it.

If, however, you didn't see sight nor sound from them until just before the election, vote for the candidate most likely to kick them out. In the London Borough of Barnet, this will be the Labour candidate. Any other vote is a complete waste of time, unless

a) You belong to UKIP, because none of the other candidates will deliver what you want most of all, which is a ban on immigration and exit from the EU.

b) You are a  committed Green party member and you would rather see another vote on the green party slate and a Tory MP.

c) You are a Lib Dem voter and you can't vote for anyone else.

d) You are a BNP voter and you hate all the other parties. We recommend you move to Barking, becuse you clearly are.

e) You are a Scottish Nationalist and you just happen to live in Barnet.  We recommend you vote Tory because they are the only party thats been bigging you up down here. They are the only national party that want you to win in Scotland.

Please vote. Even if it is for parties I despise.

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