Sunday 31 May 2015

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 31/5/2015

It's that time of the week again. Here we are, with our most popular regular feature.

1. Mr Reasonable throws down a challenge to Barnet Council and puts his money where his mouth is!

Barnet payments to Capita - £250 to charity if Richard Cornelius can show me the evidence of Capita savings

Have you had a PCN challenge refused when you didn't get a permit reminder. Do not pay up let me sort it

3. Local Tory activist Myles Longfield found this tweet rather amusing. So did we

Seems like the Dutch Prime Minister has finally explained to David Cameron what LGBT actually stands for Embedded image permalink

4. Not really sure if this is an insult or a compliment?

Visited new in neighbouring village of Mill Hill. If Mill Hill keeps on improving, it'll be like Borehamwood in no time.

5. Mill Hill as it was in 1945. No M1 and two Railway lines. Interesting to ponder that if the Mill Hill East to Edgware service hadn't been shut down, Saracens Allianz Park Stadium would have a direct tube link to central London.


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6. Great story in the local paper about local artist Sarah Ezekiel

Wonder of technology allows disabled Sarah to paint with her eyes

7. Neil Belshaw-Fox is keen for you to sign the UNISON petition to ask Barnet Council to refrain from outsourcing any more services.


8. Did you know Londons oldest tree is in Totteridge and you can see it on a TICL walk!

The Totteridge Yew At around 2000 years old the oldest tree in London TiCL App

9. Fancy hearing an excerpt from Eloisa James new book? You can at Hendon Library on June 9th!

Read an excerpt from new book meet her Jun 9th in Hendon

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10. Joe the Drummer rather enjoyed his trip to Mill Hill to do some recordings!

I'm at with my friend Vic and engineer Fil Ross doing some acoustic stuff. 
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