Sunday 11 March 2018

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 11/03/2018

Happy Mothers Day to all the hard working mums reading this. None of us would be here without our mum's. Both me and the Missus are orphans, so if you have a mum, tell her how much you love her. I wish I could! (my mum that is).

And with that, onwards and upwards. As they say in Scunthorpe, a Brick in the Eye is worth more than a pie", so here we are again on Sunday morning, with the Tweets of the Week from our neighbourhood. As we get ever nearer to the the council elections, we have ever more pictures of Political Party activists standing on street corners smiling. I can absolutely guarantee that there will be none of that sort of rubbish here. Why on earth anyone thinks such nonsense is appealing to anyone is beyond me. A good tweet is one that makes you laugh, cry, throw the iPhone out of the window or go for a quick cold shower. I hope we manage at least one of those with our selection.

1. Lets start with a Mothers Day theme. Someone's mum needs blood. My mum's life was saved by a blood transfusion on three occasions. So why not do something really special for #MothersDay

2. Esteeed Barnet Resident, King of the Jungle, Radio Pirate and Soul DJ legend Tony Blackburn has the hump with Barnet Traffic. I always thought he had a helicopter to do the shopping in!

3. Would you like a rubbish dump on your doorstep? It seems that Brent Council don't

4. We rather liked this tweet. Brent Cross has changed a bit

5. It seems that the Moggy Appreciation Society has been on manouvres in Finchley. This tweet really made me snigger!

6. Fancy a bit of art in Finchley

7. Arrendene open space at Sunset. You really can't beat it!

8. They are planning ahead for East Finchley Festival. Do you wan't a stall

9. Congratulations to Special Constable Shane Clark. Many thanks from all of us for your efforts.

10. The Lovely Natalie Miranda has found a new spiritual home!

That's all folks!

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