Sunday 18 March 2018

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 18/03/2018

Admit it! When you were eating your Sunday porridge last week, gazing out of the window, you thought that we'd seen the back of winter and the last of this years snowy pictures of our little piece of heaven set in the Suburbs of North West London. My guess is that next week, we'll be sweltering in Tropical Sunshine with Sausages on the barbeque. We can at least hope. But this week, the beast is back! Big time.

Here's our selection.

1. A cheery wish from Mill Hill's favourite Paddy on Paddy's day!

2. A great Snow pic from Hello Finchley

3. This is a message that we need to keep reminding people of

4. There was a powercut at Asda's for Paddys day!

5. Did you know there is a Live Queen bootleg album that was recorded in Golders Green? You do now!

6. If you see a fly tipper, please report them. I refuse to believe no one saw the culpret who did this

7. Worth Celebrating! Congrats guys

8. Another great cause to support!

9. These guys deserve to be remembered

10. Great pic from the amazing Natalie Miranda

That's all folks!

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