Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Leader of GLA Tories issues withering rebuke to Brian Coleman

Roger Evans, Leader of the GLA Tories doesn't do stinging rebukes. He's invariably polite. He did however make this comment on his blog today

I see no evidence that people who claim more work harder
Trust me, coming from Roger Evans, in the context it was made, this is as withering a rebuke to Brian Coleman as you are likely to see.

Unlike Coleman's largess, Roger Evans has claimed a London Travelcard.

It rather looks to me as if the Tories are finally getting completely sick and tired of Brian Coleman and his buffoonary. I can't say I blame them. His comments were crassly insulting to GLA Tories such as Roger Evans and James Cleverly who get on with the job and don't take the mickey out of the system.

I hope Mr Coleman has the good manners to publicly apologies to his colleagues on the GLA, for his implied criticism of their work rate. I will say this about Roger Evans. He made some intemperate remarks on his blog about protestors against the Docklands Airport expansion. He realised he'd spoken rashly and out of turn. He issued a fullsome public apology. As a result he persuaded me that he is an honest and decent chap doing his best for London, even though I disagree with his political views.

Let's see if Brian Coleman follows his fine example.

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