Friday, 18 November 2011

Barnet Eye Exclusive : Brian Coleman before the Standards Sub Committee on Tuesday 22nd November

The Barnet Eye has received confirmation that Councillor Brian Coleman will yet again be hauled before the Barnet Council Standards Sub Committee on Tuesday 22nd November at 18:30. The Barnet Eye understands that the sub committee will be reviewing a report detailing how Councillor Coleman has yet again been sending abusive emails to members of the public.

The Barnet Eye calls for this meeting to be open to members of the public with a published agenda. The material details of the case are very similar to the complaint brought by myself against Coleman in 2009. There is no reason for this case to be heard in private. The Barnet Eye does not wish to prejudice the procedings, but we will be publishing all the details we have in the event that Barnet Council attempt to hush this up.

One material fact that we hope the committee consider is the fact that Councillor Coleman did not attend the recommended training as suggested by the previous committee when Coleman was previously found guilty of breaching the standards code.