Saturday, 26 November 2011

Parking in Barnet Special - Read this if you are against the changes

If you are a Barnet resident and you are not happy about the changes to parking arrangements, be it the abolition of Pay and Display, the massive hike in CPZ charges, the hike in high street parking costs (scratchcards cost £2 minimum, pay by phone costs £1), the time has come to make your feelings known.

The changes are being driven by one man, Councillor Brian Coleman, who is the cabinet member for parking (otherwise known as the Borough Parking Supremo). Next year, Brian Coleman stands for election to the GLA. If he gets re-elected, he keeps his £50,000 a year allowance for a part time "non job". The sole role of the GLA is to keep an eye on Mayor Boris Johnson and make sure he does his job. The GLA has no power other than to advise the mayor. Whilst Boris may like to have a few friendly faces on the committee, the presence of Coleman on that committee will actually make no difference to him whatsoever.

So if you are a Tory who is heartily sick of Brian Coleman, but thinks Boris Johnson is doing a marvellous job, then you can send a message to the Barnet Conservative Party, loud and clear as to what you think of Mr Coleman and his parking charges. For each area (Coleman stands in Barnet and Camden) the Tories will know how many people voted for Boris and didn't vote for Coleman. The election is next May. I suspect that a massive boycott of Brian Coleman will be the most powerful message that the ordinary residents of Barnet could possibly send. If Barnet Council won't listen to the residents when we make a reasonable case, the time has come to turf them out on their backside.


baarnett said...

I see in a book review today that:
"Henry VII ruled – as Machiavelli was to advise usurpers to do – through fear rather than love."

That'll explain Brian Coleman and the Barnet Conservative Ruling Group then.

baarnett said...

Can anyone explain, or remember, the GLA election process?

Is it possible to NOT vote for the BOROUGH Conservative candidate (Brian), but still vote for the Conservative London-wide LIST CANDIDATES? Some people might want to do that.

Some "Tories" might even want to vote for Andrew Dismore, to help kick Brian out even harder, but still want to help the Conservative list candidates. Is that possible?

In 2014:
It is a shame we did not get rid of "first-past-the-post" a few months ago. It will be harder to get Brian out of Totteridge - unless there is one outstanding non-Conservative candidate that votes could go to.

Michael Ayers said...

East Finchley today: Went to Viceroy carpark to escape the maniac parking system but machine not issuing tickets. Phoned up but they said they only manage the carpark. Left a note, took a risk, all OK.
Then decided to shop a bit more and parked in High Road. Tried phoning the parking nazis for 1/2 hour - too busy. A hearse drove by - I envied the occupant. Got home to register and got "number temporarily out of order". Will shop elsewhere in future. We need a group to stand in the next elections. I suggest Team Barnet. Any takers?
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