Saturday, 19 November 2011

Councillor Brian Coleman - under investigation and not doing his job

As this blog exclusively revealed yesterday, Councillor Brian Coleman is up before the standards sub committee yet again on Tuesday. Yet again, he has insulted local residents and yet again an investigator has found that he's breached the code. What is rather odd is that whilst the case against Coleman was heard publicly when I took a standards case out against him in 2009, this time the committee are meeting in private to consider the report. Unlike my case, the reports have not been publicly posted. Having read the report, it is clear that there is little material difference. Why the secrecy? Rather interestingly, there is a public hearing against Councillor Andreas Tambourides on Thursday for another standards breach. Has Barnet Council chosen to use the Tambourides case as a sacrificial lamb to save Coleman before the GLA elections? The whole thing stinks to high heavens.

Which brings us to the question. What does Brian Coleman say to residents of Barnet in emails when he's not insulting them? As well as being councillor for Totteridge, he's the cabinet member responsible for parking, although he prefers the title of "Borough Parking Officer". Residents of the Borough of Barnet are enraged at the changes to parking payment arrangements. As well as hiking up the CPZ charges, Coleman has abolished Pay and Display in the high street. Many elderly residents (and many not so elderly) have been caught out by this. People are enraged. One local trader wrote to Coleman, in his role as Cabinet member, which he gets a huge allowance for, and got the following automatic email reply.

Thank you for your e mail . As I receive a significant number of e mails only Council Officers and residents of Totteridge Ward will receive a reply

I will deal with your e mail if you are a Totteridge resident and have included your full address. If you a constituent and wish to contact me on London Assembly Buisness please e mail my office at City Hall on again including your full address.

Thank you

So although Coleman receives a generous allowance, he won't do the work associated. I've long said that Brian Coleman doesn't understand the principles of business. It seems from his response, that he can't even spell it. Has there ever been a more disasterous Councillor in the history of Barnet Council?

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button55 said...

All this will be like the pot calling the kettle black then,will it not !!