Monday, 28 November 2011

Is Barnet Council Institutionally Racist?

Having seen my email following the blog concerning the John Hart standards committee whitewash, following a complaint for overtly racist behaviour, one has to ask this question. Is Barnet Council institutionally racist?

How many senior execs are from an Afro Caribbean background? Whilst a huge number of staff at junior levels (the ones that do the hard work) are from ethnic minorities, how does this translate to the top level of the council? Who was on the committee which dismissed the complaint about John Hart? Was there anyone who might actually have understood the hurt that such a patronising insult may have caused? Of course the details of the committee are secret, so we are not allowed to know, are we?

How can we still be here so long after Stephen Lawrence?


baarnett said...

The only way not to be "institutionally racist" is to take active measures NOT to be; just being passive is not good enough.

So what evidence is there that Barnet has management policies and undertakes concrete actions, that promote racial equality in terms of employment opportunities and access to council services?

baarnett said...


I hope you will consider blogging after Mr Osborne's "State of the Nation" address tomorrow.

Maybe "Mrs T" will then venture a comment on whatever you write. And that it doesn't just blame Labour and the Eurozone for our ills.