Tuesday, 15 November 2011

More Thameslink chaos

Last week we had two days where the Thameslink rail network collapsed due to signalling problems. All day monday and Friday evening, the only way into London was to try another route. Not only that, but yet again they have found an ingenious new way to wind up customers. At City Thameslink, which has an extremely log through platform, they've decided to make the four carriage trains stop at the other end of the station. You would think that if a company did this, they'd publicise it first and have signs everywhere. Sadly no. That is why I missed the 17.02 on Wednesday. I arrived at the station at 17.01.59 and the train was up the other end of the platform. No announcements or anything. It just pulled out and there I was waiting for the next one. In the scheme of things a minor annoyance, but typical of their contempt for passengers.

1 comment:

baarnett said...

Well, I usually use the City Thameslink entrance at Holborn, so it would benefit me!

Possibly they are testing the platform equipment for when longer, 12 carriage trains start running soon.

But a few signs would have helped.