Thursday, 10 November 2011

Open Letter to Councillor Tom Davey - Updated 18:25

Dear Councillor Davey,
I read with interest your comments in the Hendon Times - -  regarding the councils role in provision of lesiure facilities. I trust that from your comments, you are unaware of the health benefits of an active lifestyle. Can I recommend that you make yourself familiar with the costs incurred by Barnet Council in support for residents suffering from lifestyle induced illness such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. You will find that the risk of contracting all of these diseases diminishes markedly if you take regular exercise. I am a member of two gyms, at a cost of £72 per month. Additionally I play football at powerleague twice a week at a cost of £12.
Do you believe that families on low incomes or benefits can afford such a figure? Are you aware of how much someone on unemployment benefit receives. Are you aware of how much it will cost the Barnet taxpayer to support that person if they become chronically ill as a result of poor lifestyle?
As someone who was this week diagnosed as having early stage prostate cancer and having read that exercise plays a key role in preventing the progression of the disease to a more dangerous phase, I suggest that you start acquainting yourself with the information about preventative medicine. For your information, here is one website I reviewed earlier today - - I am sure an esteemed blogger such as yourself will be able to navigate your way to the relevant section on exercise.
I'd recommend that you educate yourself on such issues. Saving money does not always mean cutting budgets. Sometimes it is far more effective to invest wisely and reap solid, long term savings which have the added benefit of enhancing peoples lives.
Roger Tichborne
Update : 18:25
I got this read receipt from Councillor Tom Davey. He received the message. Let's see if he's capable of getting the message 

Your message

    Cc:  Cornelius, Cllr Richard Conservative
    Subject:  Costs to Council of inactivity
    Sent:  09/11/2011 23:40

was read on 10/11/2011 07:46.

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