Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Does Barnet Council listen to its residents?

In 2008 Barnet Council spent tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money (ie your money) interviewing residents on video and placing the videos on Youtube. The idea was to prove that they were engaging with citizens and listening to them. This clip is one of those residents and the clip was uploaded on 22nd August 2008. It was filmed in Mill Hill Broadway.

So what have they done since then about this ladies concerns.

a) Teenagers with nothing to do? They have closed the local sports club in Grahame Park way. They have sacked most of the staff at the Rithmyk Project in Canada Villa and they are flogging off the Watling Boys club building.

b) Problems with parking. They've abolished pay and display and replaced it with pay by phone. They've hiked the costs of parking in CPZ's and hiked the costs in car parks.

Which proves what we said at the time. These videos were a complete waste of money. Your money and mine.

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