Friday, 18 November 2011

Uproar in Mill Hill and Edgware over removal of Pay and Display parking

I wonder how many votes Councillor Brian Coleman has lost the Tories in Mill Hill and Edgware with is crazy decision to scrap pay and display parking. Tonight at 5-a-side football, one of our squad spent 10 minutes berating me over Barnet Council removing the pay and display facility. His wife got a ticket as a result of not knowing what to do. He asked a simple question "If we have to pay by phone, why didn't they put this message on the covers they put on the ticket machines, with the number to call".  He stated that when his wife called the council to complain, the operator said that they'd been inundated with calls saying the same thing.

If you have got a ticket because you have been confused by the new system, please send an email to the man responsible to tell him what you think of his scheme - - I'm sure he'll be more than happy to explain the benefits of the new system. From what I've been told, it appears that there was a significantly higher number of traffic wardens in the newly converted areas, merrily ticketing all of the people confused by the changes. I just hope that the people of Barnet realise that they have an ideal opportunity to send the man responsible, Brian Coleman a strong message, at the GLA elections next year.
If he gets back in, then he will take it as a ringing endorsement of his policies.

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