Friday, 13 January 2012

Barnet are flogging off Church Farmhouse Museum

Barnet Council are inviting offers for the Church Farmhouse Museum.  From this statement in the brochure, it seems like they are quite happy to let the beautiful gardens and the house be turned into a residential development. It says :-

Any new development should demonstrate compliance with Unitary Development Plan policies and guidance and have regard to the emerging policy context in relation to the Local Development Framework. Development should in particular respect adjoining residential boundaries and uses and ensure adequate access  arrangements in addition to securing any necessary planning obligations.

Residential densities should reflect the character of the surrounding area and provide for a range of accommodation types.

The full details are on the Barnet Council website here -

The philistines who run the council clearly don't give a stuff about the local heritage of Barnet. All they care about is filling their coffers with cash. If they destroy all the good things in Barnet in the process, they couldn't care less.

This building was is the oldest building in Barnet, the Gardens were a much loved facility providing a peaceful backdrop to one of the Boroughs Jewels. Sadly the administration which runs Barnet know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

Here is the video I made to mark the closure of the Museum last year.

This is what the people running Barnet think is worthless. I am just glad that I was lucky enough to appreciate the museum when it was around. At the opening of the Harry Beck exhibition, various Tory dignitaries, including Hendon MP Matthew Offord and Mill Hill Councillor John Hart attended, to scoff the free food and drink the free wine. Not one of them lifted a finger to save the museum and none care that the site is being sold in this way. A plague on them all.

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