Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Federation of Small Businesses calls for a Programme to Nurture London’s Real Life Entrepreneurs

The FSB today launched its Manifesto for London entitled “Six to Fix: A Programme to Nurture London’s Real Life Entrepreneurs”. 

The FSB hosted a series of speed briefings with London Assembly members to outline the key initiatives that will benefit the work of the Real Life Entrepreneurs and boost enterprise.

The FSB has identified six areas in which action could make a significant difference to small businesses. These are:

1.    Procurement:   All GLA, London Council and private sector contracts and projects should be placed on the ‘already established’ CompeteFor procurement portal. 

2.    Transport:  There should be no increase in the level of the congestion charge (and a Moratorium on the Low Emission Zone) for the next Mayoral term.  Furthermore, income from the Roadworks Permit Scheme (RPS) should be used to support affected businesses by means of reductions in business rates and other compensatory measures.

3.    Business Crime:  There must be a major drive to ensure greater reporting of business crime which costs its victims an average of £2,900 a year..  The new Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime and the business community should work together to increase the reporting rate for crime. And an Assistant Commissioner should be given specific responsibility for business crime.

4.    Skills and Employability: An approach to apprenticeships that minimises employers’ paperwork.  The ‘administratively-lite’ London Apprenticeship Company model should be adopted by all agencies. Furthermore, an extensive internship programme both for graduates and school-leavers should be introduced.

5.    Promoting London and its businesses:   It is vital that London and Partners properly promote Micro-Business clubs during and after the 2012 Games so as to take full advantage of the inward investment and export potential.  As a survey last week showed that only 12 per cent of small businesses in London believe the Games will have a positive impact on their business overall

6.    Business Support:  The FSB calls for a sustainable business support model built on the advice and information service currently delivered via the Business and IP Department at the British Library

Sue Terpilowski, London Policy Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said:

“Confidence amongst small businesses in London is at a low point and it is vital that the Mayoral candidates and prospective London Assembly candidates understand the importance of the small business sector.  They make up over 99 per cent of all businesses in London and cannot be ignored.

“We are launching our Manifesto to show how sensible, affordable policies can make a real difference to those real life entrepreneurs that are the genuine wealth creators in society.  It is vital that an incoming Government for London creates the conditions for growth and greater employment.” 

This is a press release from the Federation of Small Business. The Barnet Eye are supporters of the FSB and fully endorse this statement

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