Sunday, 8 January 2012

Monday Morning - Thought for the day

I am in a reflective mood right now. Generally I find "thoughts for the day" irritating, pompous and twatterish, but I feel the need to share this. As regular readers will know, I've got a few challenges right now, so please allow me this indulgence.

We shouldn't let how easy or difficult a task may be form the basis of whether we do it. We should decide based on how important it is that the task is done.


They say that those the Gods wish to destroy, first they make mad. When I look at the actions of certain Barnet Councillors, it is pretty clear to me that the Gods clearly have had enough of them.

You may wonder what prompted this little bit of homespun chicken soup. Well I was contacted by a fellow blogger in Kensington and Chelsea who drew my attention to this little diatribe from our very own charmster, Brian Coleman -

He's rings on his fingers and bells on his toes, he will make friends wherever he goes

Have a good week !

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