Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Local Business protests against Barnet Parking policy at the Boris bash

Here are some pictures of local business owners protesting about excessive parking charges and the abolition of Pay and Display at the Boris Campaign meeting at the Peel Centre in Colindale Yesterday.

As ever. I'm proud of Barnet residents for turning up to show that they won't be pushed around ! Lets hope, for the sake of everyone in Barnet, that Boris gets it and can get through to the numbskulls running the council that if its bad for Barnet it's bad for business


baarnett said...

That shows initiative - I hope the local press publicise the T-shirt protest.

Looking around the blogs, can anyone clarify what exactly is happening about Brent Cross? What has changed?

I see they want to add a "590,000 sq ft extension" to the shopping centre. Is that going ahead now?

Mrs Angry said...

Baarnett: I have concluded that yesterday's story was a load of spin, and although there may well be changes to the plan, nothing will be formalised for a long time, possibly after May.We haven't had a response from the developers, have we?

baarnett said...

The Barnet Press has some comments from Hammersons, the owners of Brent Cross.

I cannot work out if they were in on the story, or are playing catch up or damage limitation.

There is going to be an enormous new John Lewis at Westfield west London, so I cannot see a new one at Brent Cross.

baarnett said...

The Press story is headed "Trouble Brewing for Brent Cross developers".

I always think of the 'Far Side' cartoon when I hear that phrase: where 'Ed's Dingo Farm' sits on the other side of a fence from a children's nursery.

Not sure there's any connection, though.

Morris Hickey said...

There's also a John Lewis at Westfield Stratford.

baarnett said...

I read that John Lewis wanted to double their number of stores, or maybe floor area.

For all the virtues of "common ownership", they mustn't over-reach themselves. It may take a decade to pay down the consumer debt mountain.