Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Is the Jewish Community getting fed up with Brian Coleman?

A friend drew my attention to the excellent www.frumpro.co.uk site yesterday. This is an online information website for the orthodox Jewish community. It provides an easy way to find out all manner of information relevant to the Orthodox Jewish community. Whether you need a Kosher butcher, a band for your sons Barmitzvah a Kosher hotel or a cheap flight to Israel, this is a pretty good place to start. I've looked at many sites and this has one of the easiest to use directory search layouts of any site. Although it is primarily designed for the Orthodox Jewish community, it is pretty easy to find out just about any sort of service you may need in Barnet via its pages.

It also has important community information and a pretty decent news service. What was rather interesting was the following article about parking charges in Barnet. For many years Brian Coleman has received staunch support from the local Jewish community. It certainly appears that his parking charges policy have badly affected many small businesses and residents. The only conclusion I can draw from the article is that all sectors of the local community are heartily sick of Brian Coleman, his stealth taxes and his attacks on local businesses. Here's a link to the article on the site :-


I have reproduced the article in full here because it is relevant to everyone in Barnet. Mr Chaim shows that it is cheaper to park in the streets of central London than under Brian Colemans regime. I couldn't agree more with his conclusions. Politicians are elected to serve the local community, not to rob us.

Note : Brian Coleman receives a £50,000 taxpayer funded salary for his role on the GLA, which is a part time job. He is up for re-election to the post in May at the same time as the London Mayor elections. If you disagree with these outrageous parking chances, this election in May is your opportunity to send him and the council a clear message where it hurts.


Official! Hendon Brent St more expensive than St Johns Wood High Street

Shocking realisation that its cheaper in Westminster

by Mr M Chaim

Written on 12/Dec/2011

Cheap Westminster Parking at £1.30 an hour
Cheap Westminster Parking at £1.30 an hour

Expensive Hendon Parking at £2 an hour
Expensive Hendon Parking at £2 an hour
Its a long, dark, cold winter, especially in Hendon. A quick drive to the local shops will now set you back £2 for 1 hour parking and payment by the time consuming Pay By Phone system. I thought all of London was like this but its not. Hendon is now more expensive than St Johns Wood High Street who charge £1.30 for the same amount of time.
Are you kidding me??? This is madness. A madness which has been rammed through the local Tory controlled council by some of the councillors. 
We know the council needs money but surely not to charge more than Westminster.
We all know that the country needs money but taking even more from the already struggling car owners is going too far. £55 for a 50% reduced parking ticket now. Traffic Wardens everywhere. If parking was the issue you would have a 15/30/60 min grace period free whilst you pop into the shops like in Radlett. This is about money and taking it from those who need it most. 
A quick google brings up numerous articles on the now infamous Tory Councillor Brian Coleman such as this one below which talks about how he has aboolished the pay and display parking and pushed up prices. 
Brian Coleman abolishes pay and display
When I next go to the polls, I will ask myself the following questions:
1. Have things got better or worse
2. To what extent was this because of the local politicians.


Rosie said...

Dear Barnet Eye,

Do you need a check up from the opticians, you seem to have missed a very upsetting situation right under your very own EYE.
PRIVATE EVENTS in parks - all over barnet people are upset.
Parks are public, where public people can relax without worrying about Noise, pollutions, cars or hundreds of party goers.

Rog T said...


Some people are amazing. I published 782 blog entries last year in my spare time and still some people complain about my work rate and what I haven't had the time to cover. How many did you write?

I suggest you bother reading the blog. If you feel the issue hasn't been covered here, you are welcome to submit a guets blog as advised in the sidebar. Many people have.

If anyone else wants to moan about me missing things, don't bother. Just submit a guest blog.