Friday, 27 January 2012

What is going on at NLBP today?

Dear Mr Walkley,

Please could you do me a favour? I am intrigued. My blog stats give me all sorts of interesting information. They tell me what people were looking at before they visited my blog and what google search they arrived on to find it, amongst other things. Now as CEO of Barnet, I'm sure you can get your IT department to tell you anything you need to know about who at Barnet was looking at my blog and why. There was very unusual pattern of hits today. I'm intrigued. Something is clearly going on. I'm sure you won't but I'd be most grateful if you could drop me a quick line, as it were, and let me know exactly what it is all about. Have I missed something?

I wasn't even going to look, but Linda asked me if anyone at NLBP had been looking at her blog. That was a rather less unpredictable spike.



Mr Mustard said...

Actually Roger I think the Barnet system is so poor, there are 170 different pieces of major software, that I doubt the management information system is up to much and so you might be disappointed. The new website will of course tell Nick everything including your inside leg measurement but that will be so much ifnormation that they won't be able to amke any sense of it.

Rog T said...

I suspect good old nick will choke on his coffee if he can find out. I won't spoil his fun. I suspect there's a whole side to our beloved ceo that we're totally in the dark about. I don't think he'll need too much help to work out what thy were searching for, if you get my drift ;^)