Monday, 23 January 2012

Boris launches the Brian Coleman charm offensive

This weekend the Barnet Tories launched the Brian Coleman charm offensive. We got a leaflet showing just how hard Brian Coleman has been working on our behalf. Strangely it makes no mention of the way Coleman has hiked up parking charges. Apparently the fact that certain types of crime are down is completely down to all the hard work Boris and Brian have been doing. Strangely, the leaflet doesn't mention that theft of mobile phones is up by 10%. What is the police advice for residents? Don't make lengthy mobile phone calls on the street or have your valuables handy. What does Brian Colemans policy for pay by phone require? Lengthy calls on the street, with your credit card in your hand. Due to the document being bigger than the scanner. I've sent an FOI request to the police to find out exactly how hard Brian Coleman has been working with the Police. Should be interesting

It is nice to see that Boris completely associates himself with Brian Coleman and his policies. Next time you get a parking ticket, or if your business is suffering, ask yourself this. Do I really want Brian Coleman to be rewarded with £50,000 a year for the next four years at the GLA elections in May for these policies? Hear is a rather crappily scanned version of the leaflet.

In response to the taxpayer funded pro Boris rally at the Peel Centre last week, I received this letter from the Labour candidate Andrew Dismore. He clearly is rather upset at the taxpayer funding such a rally. I was under the impression that in the run up to an election, public funds should not be used to exclusively promote one side. I'm not taking sides in this, I don't belong to the Conservative or Labour party. You may think I'm a secret Dismore fan. In actual fact the Labour party expelled me in 2010 (even though I'd quit the party in 2009) and told me I was banned from membership for five years. What amuses me is that Brian Coleman could join the Labour party tomorrow if he wanted to, but I can't. Anyway, here's what Andrew has to say

Dear Editor,

The Press  (19th January) gave extensive coverage to the London Mayor’s meeting at the Peel Centre. However, chaired by the Conservative GLA member Brian Coleman, also facing the ballot box in May, one could be forgiven for thinking it was nothing more than a Conservative election rally.
Most of the time was taken up by the Mayor extolling his own virtues, supported by  the rest of his “ backing group” panel. Ostensibly to discuss local economic issues, the GLA member was very careful to avoid calling any questioners who wished to raise the parking charges issue- the biggest elephant in the room and for which he is personally responsible - and indeed to avoid calling anyone likely to ask challenging and difficult questions in  the short time they  left for questions.  Criticism was confined to outside the formal meeting. 

Of course, if the meeting had been paid for by the Conservatives, one could hardly object to the holding an election rally: but it wasn’t. It was paid for by London’s council taxpayers.
Personally, I think the money could and should have been better spent on ameliorating the Mayor’s police cuts or fares rises, but clearly the Mayor and GLA member have other things on their mind as the May elections approach.

Andrew Dismore
Labour London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden

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