Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The lazyness of the Leadership of Barnet Council

I am truly disgusted by some of the things I've heard this week. I have been corresponding with the Deputy Leader of Barnet Council regarding the One Barnet program. In his latest response he said 
"I have a feeling based on past experience that this conversation could go on and on with you making all sorts of assumptions based on your interpretations of my responses, claiming you're baffled and confused when actually what I'm saying is quite clear. So I'll end my part of this dialogue now with the above example as my last attempt to explain how I believe it is easy to see that BAPS and the administration do not agree. "
Councillor Thomas was simply asked to state whether he agreed with sentiments expressed on another blog. Rather than give a sensible answer, he used all manner of silly ploys to avoid answering. That is bad enough, but the sheer intellectual laziness of the man is incredible. It is plain to every soul on the planet that BAPS and the Barnet Tory leadership do not agree with each other. If they did, BAPS would not exist.

Councillor Thomas does not seem capable of understanding that I was seeking a justification from him for the rejection of the request from BAPS to enter discussions with the Association for Public Service Excellence, with a view to assessing whether an in house solution may be cheaper and less risky than outsourcing. It seems that for whatever reason, this is beyond the wit of Councillor Thomas.

Barnet Council has never sought to compare the costs and risks of an in house solution vs Outsourcing. As a result, no one knows if they are being taken for a ride. Councillor Thomas seems to not understand that he can't say he's getting value for money, if he hasn't done the due diligence.

Neither Thomas not his boss, Richard Cornelius even bothered to attend the APSE briefings to discuss the matter. Why? I don't know, but the intellectual laziness of Cllr Thomas reply gives us a clue, doesn't it.

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