Thursday, 20 September 2012

One Barnet latest - Brian Coleman destroys Dan Thomas credibility

Last night at the Barnet Council budget committee, a truly amazing thing happened. The chair of the committee, Brian Coleman oversaw the complete humiliation of the Deputy leader of his Tory group Dan Thomas. Thomas has previously defended Pam Wharfe's decision to email all staff stating that a joint venture was the way forward for One Barnet. She sent two emails to staff explaining the decision. Coleman claimed that he'd not seen the emails (despite the Barnet bloggers emailing him and all the other councillors with the details). He then proceeded to treat Thomas like a very naughty boy.

The Barnet Eye was not at the meeting, but received a rather breathless phone call from one of our Tory friends saying "You won't believe this". Keep tuned to the Barnet Eye for a video link and full commentary later.


Morris Hickey said...

Hell has no fury like an old fag scorned. [Apologies to William Congreve!].

baarnett said...

Since people say that Mike Freer is, or has been, the intellectual power-house behind One Barnet, is he able to keep the show on the road?