Friday 28 September 2012

Statement from Leader of the Council regarding Brian Coleman

Yesterday I wrote to the Leader of the Council regarding his intentions regarding Brian Coleman.  I had heard various things from members of his team and other people within Barnet. I suggested that rather than listening to rumours, it would be better if he gave a short statement. I also said that if he didn't want it attributed to say so. I always respect requests for confidentiality. Richard replies last night with the following message.

I trust that this clears up the status of Mr Colemans current role withing the Barnet Conservative Party and Barnet Council. Many thanks to Richard for his response.

Dear Roger,

I can`t really comment on any of this until the police decide if they are going to prosecute and the courts have decided  what actually happened.  Brian Coleman is innocent until proven guilty. The standards board cases are still alive.

Yours sincerely



baarnett said...

Despite the criticism that Brian has received, we can all agree that justice has to take its course, and that there is a presumption of innocence.

There is one aspect that I feel is unjust to Brian - the likelihood that, following his arrest and custody in "a central London police station" overnight, he almost certainly had to give a DNA sample. This is one of the many Blair-security-state measures that seems entirely unacceptable.

Don't Call Me Dave said...


Is it really unacceptable to take a DNA sample from someone arrested in connection with an alleged crime involving violence? Surely the unacceptable aspect is the retention of the DNA sample in the event the person is acquitted or not even charged?

baarnett said...

DCMD: Well yes, I do find it unacceptable that DNA is taken before any conviction, from Brian or anyone else.

There could be a procedure for exceptions, with the police having to take the matter before a magistrate.

Or there could be a single-comparison blind test, where the DNA result is compared just once with the database, without it itself being kept in the database.

It seems part of the creeping securistate.

Mr Mustard said...

Brian is all in favour of law and order as he stated at the last meeting of his committee, which I was at, so I am sure he willingly complied with all requests and was as nice as pie to the detectives.

APML said...

At least you got a reply.!

Don't Call Me Dave said...


There are clearly circumstances where taking a DNA sample is desirable. If a suspect is being held on suspicion of a crime where DNA evidence is available, then the test will quickly assist with that enquiry. The system breaks down when the DNA sample proves that a suspect is innocent yet it is not removed from the Police database.

Mrs Angry said...

I am glad that Cornelius has replied to you. What a shame he has not had the courtesy to reply to my emails to him regarding Coleman's behaviour to me, despite a personal assurance from him that he would, after the budget scrutiny meeting last week.

Cornelius: one expects Coleman to behave in the way he does.

We might have expected better from you, but clearly we were wrong.

APML said...

That`s a relief Mrs A,i thought it was only me.:-)