Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Where is the cheese shop promised by Matthew Offord

Perhaps the oddest moment I had canvassing in the 2010 election, was when I was standing in Mill Hill Broadway, handing out leaflets, when a little old lady strutted up to me and told me that the Tory candidate, Matthew Offord had promised her that if he won, a cheese shop would open in Mill Hill.

Two years on, those of us who are partial to a little bit of Fromage are still wondering when Matthew Offords cheese shop will open. Unlike many people, I would actually forgive many of Offords sins if he actually kept this promise. Small independent cheese sellers are signs of a healthy high street. What was the latest shop to open in Mill Hill Broadway? Another nail salon.

Offord stated that the Tories would "make Mill Hill a vibrant town centre, the sort of place someone would want to open a cheese shop". I was reminded of this tonight as I saw the lady in question in Marks and Spencers. Rather oddly she met at the cheese counter. She asked "What has happened to Offord, no one has seen him for months". I had to reply "don't know, he's keeping a low profile". She said "He never opened that cheese shop did he?". Sadly I had to agree.

I checked Matthews website to see what he's been up to. You will be pleased to know that on our behalf, he's had a holiday in Sri Lanka - - I wonder if he managed to open a cheese shop in Columbo?

There is plenty of other news as to what Matthew has been up to here - -  Sadly little of his activities seems to have anything to do with the people who voted for him.

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button55 said...

Only Vegetarian cheese shops in Sri Lanka..Anyway Commander Offord has no time for opening cheese shops down there,he has more pressing things to do ,like giving his expert advice to the Sri Lankan Government on their winter offensive against the Tamil Tigers..This is all at the behest of his mate Dave who expects a report on his desk forthwith.