Friday, 2 August 2013

Brian Coleman - I told you so !

Yet again, disgraced criminal Barnet Councillor Brian Coleman has been found guilty ! This time the panel which enforces standards at Barnet Council found he failed to treat a member of the public with due respect, calling him a Twat in a council meeting, for having the audacity to answer a question. This is only the latest in a long list of cases Brian Coleman has lost.

Back in 2009, I started the ball rolling, taking him to the Standards committee. The committee agreed that he'd breached the standards code, but imposed no punishment. Coleman immediately went out on the piss with his cronies to celebrate his victory, even though he'd been publicly disgraced and humiliated. The committee recommended that he undergo training in good manners. He refused to do it. I could list the long list of cases he's lost since then, but most people know all about his notorious record.

I have one simple question for those on the Standards committee who chose not to properly sanction him in 2009 and those cronies who went on the piss with him after the case. Had Coleman been properly sanctioned and disciplined then, would he now find himself a totally disgraced pariah with a criminal record? I believe that not only were the people of Barnet let down by the Standards committee and the Tory Leadership in 2009. Brian Coleman himself was. Had he had a spell in the naughty corner and been sent a strong message that he had to behave, then his whole life would be different.

There is one other observation I make about Brian Coleman. On the morning of the case, Brian Coleman went on BBC London 94.9 radio. He told two massive lies about me. The first was that he said I'd insulted his mother on my blog. The second was that I was an anti semite. I immediately called the show and demanded an apology. I pointed out that the only comment I'd ever passed about his mum was that she was called Gladys, the same name as my own dearly departed mum. I'd actually been very complimentary about her. I also pointed out that one of my most regular commenters was David Miller, who's mother is a high profile peer. David is Jewish and had I ever had even a slight whiff of anti semitism or any other type of racisim, David would have slaughtered me (rightly so), in fact I pointed out that Brian Coleman was complicit in having me sacked from the Hendon Times, for writing a blog where I exposed anti semitism on the Barnet Council website.

BBC London immediately got researchers to check what I said was true. Within ten minutes, Vanessa Feltz had confirmed what I said was true and said of Brian Coleman "What sort of a man lies about his aged mother on air to win an argument?" I only raise this to remind people of Colemans dishonest character. I see on his tweets he is yet again accusing people of various things, all total distortions of the truth.

Coleman also tweeted that he'd "seen me off".  He seemed to feel that as he'd retained the ultra safe Tory Council seat in Totteridge in 2010 and I'd lost in the ultra marginal seat in Mill Hill, that somehow vindicated him. This did a huge disservice to the excellent Mill Hill Tory Councillors, who campaigned tirelessly with no help from Coleman. Recently Mill Hill Councillor Brian Schama was Mayor. Brian raised a huge amount for Barnet Carers and the Alzheimers society in his appeal. He is a very decent man and I now consider him a friend. There is no shame losing in politics to such people as Brian Schama. Sadly Mr Coleman doesn't see it in these terms. I hope one day he grows up and realises that public service is exactly that. Not an excuse to trouser allowances and be rude to people


Morris Hickey said...

Rog. There is a belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity - only publicity. By constantly criticising Bwian (and deservedly so) you give him the publicity that he craves and on which he thrives.

Rog T said...

Whilst my tax subsides this criminal thug, I will criticise him

Morris Hickey said...

You are not alone. So does mine - and everybody else's!

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Although Brian Coleman has been found guilty of one charge – calling a resident a twat – he was cleared of the charge of failing to treat others with respect by calling two members of the public “sad, mad and a couple of hags”. Mr Coleman did not attend the hearing that found him guilty, but will no doubt be present when his appeal is heard.

It seems likely that the only reason he will appeal is because, as Mr Hickey points out in his comment above, Coleman loves the publicity his behaviour generates. He won’t be appealing for fear of any sanctions against him because, as we have seen previously, the council is toothless when dealing with miscreant councillors. This is Coleman at his troublemaking best.

It is worth pointing out, however, that there is something fundamentally wrong with the complaints system which allows for hearings to be held in secret. Once again, Barnet Council has failed the transparency and accountability test.

Rather than making complaints to the council, who have proved beyond doubt that they are spineless. the people verbally insulted by Mr Coleman should sue him for slander and defamation.