Sunday, 25 August 2013

The (late) Saturday list - 10 reasons why you shouldn't terrorise your children !

On my previous blog, I mentioned why I opposed the involvement of an evangelical group in training Barnet Council officers. I mentioned a certain Miss O'Donovan who used to teach at St Vincents School. She was without peer in the arts of traumatising infant children. As I mentioned, both Mrs Angry and myself benefitted from her "teaching methods". As I stated, I doubt anyone who was taught by her could take any horror film seriously, as we had a year of her scaring the living daylights out of us.

Anyway, here are ten reasons why you should not employ her tactics when teaching infants.

1 -  They might end up like me !
2 -  They might end up like Mrs Angry
3 -  They will grow up with a complete lack of respect for authority
4 -  They will become very good at hiding
5 -  They will have nightmares years after
6 -  They will not be able to take horror movies seriously
7 -  They will break into spontanious applause when the witch dies in the Wizard of Oz
8 -  They will not be able to bump into a schoolmate without recounting tales of horror
9 -  They will never be able to see teaching as an honourable profession
10 - They will never be able to hear any old lady with a certain Irish accent without feeling terrified

Have a lovely Sunday !

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