Monday, 12 August 2013

Capita! - The Movie - Day Zero is Tomorrow - Update

On Saturday, we announced that we were starting planning a new film dealing with outsourcing. The film will be called Capita! - The Movie Day Zero is Tomorrow. The film will explore the implications of outsourcing and the effects of such projects, using various Capita projects to illustrate the issues with such projects.

I must say I am overwhelmed with the response. We are over a third of the way there towards our funding target with pledges from individuals to take out advertising on the Barnet Eye website. The deal is that for £100 a month for ten months you get an advert and a link to your website. We've had interest from all over the country and people are genuinely excited at the opportunity to chronicle what is happening. I am in the process of setting up a Kickstarter account for the project.

We also have had offers from some excellent people to help with the research and the back office side of the project.

The first thing we need to do is to secure the funding, so we can do the job properly. The previous two films we made were done on less than a shoestring. Whilst they served there purpose and were well received, the issue of outsourcing is a national issue and the film will resonate with many communities. Therefor we need to get it 100% right. That is why we need a strong team.

Thanks for all the support we've received. Over the next two weeks, we'll keep you informed of the progress. If you are a business in Barnet, please consider the option of taking up the advertising. The Barnet Eye has a very strong readership locally. We've had over 1 million blog views and get 30-40,000 hits a month. We are not like the local papers, which go straight in the recycling bin in many homes, people choose to read the Barnet Eye. It is not often you get the chance to do something good for the community and good for your business !

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