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Rog T's Cancer Blog - God bless the NHS

For those of you who are regular readers and have read the previous posts on Cancer, you can skip this first paragraph.This is the latest installment in my occasional series about how I'm adjusting to living with a big C in my life.  For those of you who aren't, here's a quick summary. I'm 50 years old and I last year had a prostate biopsy following two "slightly high" PSA tests - 2.8 & 4.1. The biopsy took ten tissue samples and one of these showed a "low grade cancer" which gives me a 3+3 on the Gleason scale. I'm now on a program of active monitoring.  In early February, I got the results of the latest PSA test - down to 3.5 and an MRI scan which found absolutely nothing. My latest PSA test in August was not quite so promising, back up to 3.9, in other words the downward trend has stopped. I've no symptoms and sadly for a few people, if I'm gonna die soon, it won't be from Prostate cancer. Got the picture? 

Sometime this week I will get the results of my latest PSA tests. Ever wondered what it is like in the USA to have life threatening illnesses. My sister and her husband are US citizens. they both work in healthcare. He is a doctor, she is a nurse. Like me, he had a brush with Prostate cancer. She has a potential anuerism. She pinged me on facebook today to see how I was. The conversation sums up why I say "God bless the NHS" and will fight until I die to preserve it from all threats.

Bear in mind my sister and her husband are professional working people. This gives you some insight into what it is like living in a country where your healthcare is tied up with your job, even with life threatening illness. My Bro in law recently had aggressive prostate surgery. I thank the Lord that my Bro in Law is OK and even more so that I live in Great Britain.

I believe those of us facing this challenge have a moral obligation to fight for decent healthcare for all. I challenge anyone to convince me that the decisions my sister and husband have made are how we should behave in a decent, wealthy society.

If you have surgery, robotic is way to go , but DONT lift anything after- *** was given steroids for vomiting and he thought he was Arniswartznegger- picked up a caase of water and a gallon water from boot of car-BAM back to surgery. OK Now
*** went for aggressive as we needed to due to insurance situation in US. Had it been free he would have put it off
If I lost my job we would be f****d
love you xxx
Good luck fingers crossed xxx

im sure you will be amazing. saying prayers NOW!!!
hugs, dont worry xxx( haha-useless saying)my fondest luv
f*** cancer!
Indeed. It is s***

Like a mind worm sucking the enjoyment out of life if you let it
But being cancer free is great

I dont let it !
getting aneurism checked out when I get home.


What is score with that?
Dunno, didnt go back to Dr after accident couldnt afford it
I keep bp and cholestrol. weifgt controlled
meds cost us $500 a month with insurance
If *** gets these exams he can get a regular job
I can take family medical leave, which is unpaid
joys of livin in the USA
one paycheck away from destitution, workin for the Man
But *** hauls it in when he works on the reservation 12 hr shifts x 12 shifts a month till he had surgry
having a nice time in greece
God bless the NHS

Framed in a gold frame and inscribed

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