Monday, 5 August 2013

Statement from CPZ Action Group

Dear All

Most of you will have heard by now the wonderful news that Barnet Council will not be appealing against the Judgment given at the High Court on 22nd July 2013 which ruled that their actions were unlawful.  

For full details please see our blogsite which also includes the official council statement issued on Friday, 2nd August.    Within the statement you will be able to find the link to apply for the refunds due to you since the increases in 2011.   Please note you will have to make separate applications for each permit request made since then.

On another matter, though still about parking issues, Century Films are looking for a senior citizen who has difficulties parking their car using the phone payment system recently introduced in our High Streets, and who would be prepared to say why on camera on Tuesday lunchtime.  If that person is you, or you know someone suitable and willing to make a stand, please contact Sarah by email at

Best wishes and thanks for keeping up your support and encouragement, and for all your letters of appreciation.  It really made a difference and kept us all going during this long fight.

Diane Johnson
for Barnet CPZ Action

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