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Guest Blog - The Wrath of God and the Judgement of your fellow man - By John Sullivan

By John Sullivan

I firmly believe that only God can forgive.  What Cornelius, Rajput and Rams (ed note: Councillors in the London Borough of Barnet. Mr Sullivan has requested that their title is not used as he considers them unworthy of it) and co have done with regard to the One Barnet Program (OBP) contract without consultation is bordering on evil, and many will suffer as a result ,the majority of the sufferers beings the poor the disabled the sick, and those families whose bread winner will be sacked in the coming weeks in the name of OBP, to watch their job being outsourced up North creating several hundred more unemployed Barnet residents for Cornelius and co to abuse and brand as scroungers on benefits as is their want.

What I find the most evil thing about all of this OBP issue, is the fact that Cornelius, Rajput and  Rams and the rest of this dodgy Barnet cabinet have not even read the OBP contract, they realistically have no idea of the hidden details that might lay within that contract. My question therefore is why would you sign a contract without reading it or understanding it, why would you take such a risk.

I am demanding to know the answer to a simple question to all members of the Barnet cabinet " Have you read the OBP contract, and do you understand the minutia of the details well enough to be sure you are not putting Barnet public services at risk", they will no doubt say yes. But the truth is none of them have ever read the contract in detail, and are therefore not in a position to sign it on behalf of the people of Barnet, without having consulted them, they are relying on the opinions of consultants and officers who have a vested interest in getting the contract signed. As Brian Coleman rightly claimed this is an officer and consultant bulldozer or truck or was it juggernaut,  forced through without scrutiny. No matter what Hugh Rayner says about the claims of Brian Coleman, he cannot deny this OBP contract was never scrutinised properly by his committee.

Within a couple of years and maybe sooner, the people of Barnet will begin to realise the enormity of this act of betrayal by Cornelius and co, sadly by then it will be to late. The worst of the evil visited upon Barnet residents is the claim services can be brought back in-house if Capita fail to honour the terms of the contract they have never read, and as they have never read it how would they know if Capita are honouring the terms of the contarct or not. Furthermore this claim is totally untrue some might call it a blatant lie, the infrastructure and staff will no longer be in place to return the services back in house, and even if they attempted to do so the cost to Barnet taxpayers would be enormous. This is privatisation of our public services with no realistic way back in the event of failure, it is full blown long term privatisation, that puts a gun in the hands of Capita who, unlike Oliver, can demand more because LBB will have no other option. This is yet another dishonest claim to add to the list of dishonest claims by these people of evil, who have denied the people of Barnet the right to an opinion on such a huge issue, and have treated with contempt all those that have raised bona fide concerns. The right of consultation is a basic human right and they have collectively betrayed such a basic human right,in the name of ideology dogma and greed, and blindly signed a contract they have never even read.

Once the people of Barnet realise they have to phone a call centre in Belfast, Newcastle , Burnley & other further flung places regarding a local issue, then I firmly believe the proverbial will hit the fan.

I only started out taking these photos as a bit of fun. Then I thought about  the enormity of what has happened. My first at a title was  " I ACCUSE ", because Cornelius and co are guilty as charged of not consulting with Barnet residents and having not read in detail the OBP contract, which automatically disqualifies them from signing such an important document that will impact on the lives of many thousands of people for many years to come.

The are pictures of me and my disabled daughter Susan having a bit of fun in a centuries old chapel, bringing down the wrath of God on them. Tragically what the smile of Susan highlights is her innocence and the innocence of her peers who are but unimportant pawns in the political games of Cornelius, Rajput, Rams and the rest of this evil crew. They may have won the court case on a timing technicality, but they have yet to win the argument.

I include Rams because I have twice asked him to answer my questions of OBP and he has refused to answer, which for me is proof of some kind that he has never read in detail the OBP contract he claims will save so many millions, that has ever been tested against an in-house approach, that could also have saved millions had it been given house room, and  if the lining of the pockets of Capita had not taken precedent over all other options.

As we get older, we all have to face the fact that our time on this world is short. Like all parents of disabled children, my only concern is for what happens to Susan when I am no longer around to protect her. In days of old, fire and brimstone preachers would put the fear of God into the congregations of the sleepy hamlets of England. These days, it seems that the only fear of Cornelius, Rajput and Rams is that we may actually find out what they've been up to, boot them out at the next election and divorce them from their juicy allowances.  I have this message for Cornelius, Rajput and Rams. For your sins against the likes of Susan, I hope you face the wrath of God. For your actions towards the people of Barnet I hope you face the judgement of your fellow man. The only compassion I have for you, is to hope and pray that there is a miracle and that somehow, the world you wish to impose on us all, without consultation, can be averted. You may say "where is the compassion in this wish?". It is simply this. Today Cornelius, Rajput and Rams are strong, fit and doing all right Jack. But this afternoon, or tomorrow, or next week or next year, who knows what fate has in store for them. Should the good Lord so see fit, they may well end up victims of the nightmare system they have created. Like Susan, they will be victims, but unlike Susan they will not be innocent ones. In the bible, there is the parable of a rich man who builds huge stores of wealth for the future. The Lord visits him and says "fool, for this very night you shall be struck down". We all have our beliefs. I believe that what goes around, comes around. I sometimes wonder what Cornelius, Rajput and Rams will face first, the wrath of God or the judgement of their fellow man. I may not be around on this world to find out, but face it they will.
John Sullivan is a parent carer and a Barnet Resident. Guest blogs are always welcome at the Barnet Eye. Especially with such evocative pictures

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