Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What the Barnet Tories forget about local trades union members

It seems that the Barnet Conservative Party are going to use the line that the only people who oppose One Barnet are "the unions". I was recently having a chat with a local Tory who suggested that all of the anti One Barnet campaign is being coordinated by the Trades Unions in an attempt to "keep hold of their cushy terms and conditions". It may not surprise you to hear I nearly wet myself laughing at this. I asked if they were seriously suggesting that the Barnet Eye is under the control of the Barnet Trades Unions. The response I received astounded me, if for no other reason than the sheer stupidity of what was said "it is no secret that they feed you most of your information". This would be laughable if it wasn't for the fact that some people may really believe it.

In actual fact it is more often than not the other way round. I often talk with all manner of activist in Barnet and the general feeling is that, Barnet Unison aside, there has been very contact between bloggers and Trades Unions. Unison has been more active, but in truth Union branch secretary hasn't enough time to deal with his own members issues, let alone co-ordinate a bunch of bloggers.

What the Barnet Conservatives seem to forget is that the Trades Union members they insult by such statements are often simply Barnet residents who are concerned for their jobs and their families livelyhoods. They are ordinary voters who happen to work for Barnet Council and belong to a Trades Union in the hope that the Union will protect them against the worst excesses of the management at the Council.

The vast majority of stories in the Barnet Eye are simply the result of painstaking research. I don't get paid to write blogs, I have never written a word because someone has asked me to. At times, I've reprinted information sent to me by members of the Trades Unions, but this is purely because it was verifiable and in the public interest.

As we move nearer to an election, we will see more such nonsense, spewing out of the sewers of the Barnet political machines. As it happens, I've never belonged to a Trades Union. I actually run my own business and so I suppose I sit on the other side of the fence.

It would be great to see a grown up, sensible debate about One Barnet, where the local leaders of the Conservative Party engaged in a proper debate with local residents. Instead all we have is innuendo, said behind peoples backs. Anyone who actually knows me and what motivates me, knows full well that the contents of this blog are written with one purpose. That is to try and make sure that the residents of Barnet get the best from their local council and other authorities. I've lived in the London Borough of Barnet all of my life and I love the area. It really is as simple as that.

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