Monday, 19 August 2013

Barnet Tories are on a charm offensive

If you want to see a rather amusing and clumsy attempt at the art of spin gone wrong, Barnet Tory style, checkout how befuddled Tory, Ex Brunswick Park Councillor Daniel Hope chose to represent my words on his blog.

Here's what I said

and here's how Dan edited out the bits he didn't like to make a whole new story (Heh Heh)

Now whilst some of the readers of the Barnet Eye were a bit upset and emailed me to tell me that Dan had been a naughty boy, I think it is quite hilarious. Given all of the stories in Barnet that Dan could write about, it says everything about the drift in the Barnet Tories that this is the first story on Dan's rabidly rightwing blog since 23rd July. Is this really the only thing that he's noticed in the Borough since then? Wake up Dan !!!!

It is a little sad that Dan hasn't quite got the guts to put a link to the source article. It is the policy of the Barnet Eye to always include links to source material, so the reader can make up there own mind. It is called being honest.

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