Monday, 7 October 2013

OurBohemia - Open Mic night on Friday at 7.30pm - Your chance to see Rog T play guitar in the flesh

Last Friday a very successful open mic night was held at the reopened Bohemia Community Space. Nine acts raised the curtain and quite literally brought the house down. I had hoped to perform with my long time collaborator and vocalist Allen Ashley, but Allen was at a book signing (he's also a well known author and Poet and was supporting a pal of his).Myself and Allen played together in my Band, The False Dots in 1985. It was one of the most creative periods of my musical career. We will be reprising some of the songs from that era under the title "songs of love and war" at the Bohemia. If you've never seen The False Dots featuring Allen before, it is a treat of black humour, romantic love songs and stories of the woe of existence in troubled times. We have carefully selected a short set to highlight all of these themes.We will be playing as a duo (unless plans change !).

 We will be playing around 8:30pm, so please arrive early (and stay till the end !). You will also have another oppotunity to see the amazing Christine on piano, who was undoubtedly the star of the show last Friday.

Other acts are being lined up. I will list the program as it evolves through the week. Please support your community space. Make it happen. Lets make Barnet the culture capital of London. London is the culture capital of the world, so lets put our community at the heart of the scene. It is not often that such an opportunity presents itself. Lets not throw it away through apathy and sloth.

See you on Friday. I will also be auctioning a painting by my mother to help raise money for an in house PA for the space. Please bring your wallet.

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