Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Saracens match day CPZ review - Democracy? Don't make me laugh

From the Barnet Council Website



The Committee considered a report which provided an update on the Review of the Event Day Controlled Parking Zone in the vicinity of Allianz Park (Barnet Copthall Stadium). 

The Committee welcomed the Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Dean Cohen, Pam Wharfe, Director for Place and Neil Richardson, Highways Manager, Traffic and Development who were in attendance to present the item. 

Officers reported that whilst the scheme was largely unchanged, there had been some amendments to signage following feedback from Ward Members.  Members were advised that Saracens would be improving publicity around match days, creating a list of frequently asked questions and undertaking proactive community engagement. 

Officers advised the Committee that any PCNs issued incorrectly could be claimed back by residents in the zone (e.g. permit holders who were not displaying their permits during controlled hours).  It was suggested that the registration number of vehicles in the CPZ zone should be registered on a database and made available to Civil Enforcement Officers to ensure that Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) were not incorrectly issued to permit holders.  

The Committee were addressed by Councillor Sury Khatri, a Mill Hill Ward Member.  He reported that he had submitted a number of questions and comments on the scheme which had not resulted in any amendments.  He noted that his suggestion regarding the introduction of electronic signage which could vary CPZ hours on an event by event basis had been ruled out on cost grounds. 

Councillor Khatri highlighted that only 6.8% of residents had responded to the consultation and suggested that this was not a representative sample of residents in the CPZ. 


1.         The Committee note the update on the Review of the Event Day Controlled Parking Zone in the vicinity of Allianz Park (Barnet Copthall Stadium) as set out in the report and above.

2.         The Committee recommend that the Council and Saracens develop a Communications Plan to ensure that residents in the Event Day Controlled Parking Zone are aware of match days and restrictions.

3.         The Committee recommend that there be a review of Event Day Controlled Parking Zone signage, including an exploration of variable electronic signage options.

4.         Officers be recommended to create a database include details of all households and vehicles with a registered permit in the Event Day Controlled Parking Zone to prevent the incorrect issuing of Penalty Charge Notices to residents. 
So there you go. A democratically elected Councillor has had his suggestions ignored. The idea of electronic signage has been ruled out on grounds, when the Mill Hill Residents were told that Saracens RFC would foot any bill. Is this Democracy? Is there any such thing as transparency? Don't be stupid. This is Barnet


Mr Reasonable said...

Sadly Roger the only reason they haven't changed the CPZ is because of the huge amount of cash it generates in parking fines. They completely ignored elected Councillors because of money.

Mr Mustard said...

I was at the meeting at which Cllr Khatri spoke, a meeting he had been given no notice of which struck me as a slight. As Mr R says, the doling out of 403 PCN in a single 6 hour period on a matchday is far too large a source of income to be affected by the notion of considering the residents for whom this zone was supposedly introduced. Something has gone wrong as many many residents get PCN. More education needs to be done until the number of residents getting a PCN per match day is reduced to a handful.

Anonymous said...

I have today won my appeal against Barnet for a parking ticket in the zone. I had informed Barnet that there was inadequate sineage and they then went and put up more signs yet still turned down my appeal. I am sure many people who got tickets like me in Nov 2013 probably paid them when they shouldn't have had to. Barnet are just using this as a money revenue . Mrs Eu