Thursday, 3 October 2013

Former Hendon Tory Parliamentary Candidate Richard Evans cleared of Fraud

Today the former Hendon Tory Parliamentary Candidate Richard Evans has been cleared by the High Court of fraud in relation to allegations linked to the administration of Copland School. The Barnet Eye sincerely hopes that all of those members of the local Tory establishment who have spent the last couple of years studiously snubbing Richard and his wife Lesley at every possible opportunity (having previously been only too happy to be indulged with hospitality by the couple) apologise for their lack of support and try and make amends for failing to uphold that old British legal principle "Innocent until proven guilty". Oddly enough, the Evans's were completely dumped by the vast majority of the local Tory hoi-polloi, whilst certain other members of the local Tory Party, who were actually found guilty have been indulged by all and sundry.

I know Richard and his wife Lesley from the Mill Hill Music festival. Richard is a talented teacher who has dedicated his life to the educational system. The charges have caused a horrendous strain on Richard and his wife. I am delighted that they have been cleared and it is truly appalling how judgemental people have been.

I sincerely hope that everyone who has spent the last couple of years whispering behind the back of the couple now respects the judgement and the fact that Richard has been cleared. I daresay the story will get negligible coverage, as it is far less sexy than the original story. It vindicates the stand of the Headmaster of Mill Hill County High, Geoffrey Thompson, who gave Mr Evans a job when no one else would. As a result Mill Hill County High School children have had the services of an excellent teacher.

A reputation takes years to build and seconds to trash. As far as Mr Evans is concerned, the slate is wiped clean now. Lets respect that.


Zoe said...

Here here and very fortunate for the Children who have benefited from his brilliance as a teacher at MHCHS (mine included) however it is sad to know that Mr Evans and his family have been put through so much for so long. Why is it the the judiciary system is so slow?

Morris Hickey said...

The judicial system is slow for two reasons: the CPS and lawyers.

Wildberry said...

As someone who has known and admired Richard and Lesley for very many years, I am delighted that their ordeal is now over.

As was re-stated in a local paper some time ago, ‘justice deferred is justice denied’. This is more than a simple truism; it is an indication of the unremitting pressure and mental strain that those in Richard and Lesley’s position have to contend with and it is a remarkable testament to their fortitude and courage that people like them manage to stick it out.

At the same time it is evident that the bedrock assumption of innocence until proven guilty has been steadily eroded and a very nasty habit of assuming and presuming the worst has crept lately into our public discourse. Nowadays, as others have said, there has been a depressing inclination by those who should know better to assume the worst and to act accordingly.

It is always instructive to note how many of those who choose to turn their heads away will hurry to send congratulations and express deep satisfaction once a matter is finally settled. One hopes that that Richard, Lesley, and their family can now begin to recover from the enormous pressure they have been living with for so long, and one sends all good wishes for the future.