Monday, 21 October 2013

North Finchley Traders have won the argument over parking charges

Following a long battle, which ended the career of one of our best known and most high profile Conservatives, Barnet Council has finally conceded that they got it wrong on parking and have admitted that the abolition of Pay and Display was bad for the High Street.

After intense local pressure, some changes were made in December 2012 and credit card parking machines introduced. A council report concedes that the previous regime was a disaster. The recommendations in a new report states that the experimental improvements be made permanent. It says
It has been noted that the introduction of the credit/debit card pay and display machines have had a significant impact on the patronage levels, although it is clear that pay by phone is still the primary method of paying for parking in the North Finchley Town Centre.
At last the council has admitted that it bungled the introduction of Pay by phone and that it has damaged the High Street.It is now clear that a pay on the High Street option is vital. Congratulations to Helen Michael and all of the other Finchley Traders who have been completely vindicated in their stance. The council has now decided to make the recent "improvements" permanent.

You can read the full report here on the Barnet Council website

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