Saturday, 26 October 2013

Barnet Council Perking Permit Refunds - Have you had yours yet?

In August Barnet Council announced the procedure for claiming CPZ parking permit refunds. I immediately applied for a refund for each of our cars. The Council had been illegally overcharging us for permits and having been actively involved in the campaign, I felt entitled to my cash back ASAP. We also put details up on the sidebar of the blog, so everyone could see it.

As well as this, we also distributed a bunch of leaflets to neighbours on behalf of BAPS telling them that they were entitled to a refund.

That was August, it is now nearly November and we've not seen a penny of our cash back. We hear that since Capita took over running Barnet Council, they are supposed to bring private sector efficiency to such processes. We hear anecdotal stories of a far tougher regime chasing up debts at Barnet Council. Could this be because Capita are using their own bailiffs and make more cash if they send them in? It seems to me that two months is far too long to wait to get my own money back.

Has anyone had a refund yet? The council have no right to hold on to our money. They were found to have acted illegally. I for one don't like being robbed and I don't like being skint. If you haven't received your refund yet, let us know and we'll chase it up. I will be writing to Barnet Council Leader to ask. We will keep you informed.

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