Monday 14 October 2013

Guest Blog - Welcome to the legal block! If we stick together, we can't be fracked! - By Scarlett Cannon

By Scarlett Cannon,

Dear friends -
Right now, the government has put nearly two-thirds of England up for shale, without fully understanding what effects fracking is likely to have on local health or the countryside.
What we do know is that if we want to tackle climate change, we can't be digging new fossil fuels out of the ground.[1]
Find out if your home is at risk of being fracked. Look up your postcode at now.
Despite the government's enthusiastic dash for gas, we have the power to make fracking very difficult, and may even be able to halt exploration in its tracks, if enough of us come together.
This is how it works: fracking involves horizontal drilling that can extend two miles from the actual drill site, passing directly under the homes of those nearby. If you don't want fracking companies pumping toxic chemicals under your home, you can say so. Then, any drilling there becomes trespassing; the frackers would be breaking the law.
Therefore, if enough of us say we are not willing for the land under our homes to be fracked, we make it harder for companies to ignore the law and could stop fracking in its tracks.
All you have to do is declare that your home is Not for Shale and you will be added to the growing legal block to stop fracking where you live.
But we need to act quickly, as there are hints that the government will try to change the law to force through their dash for gas! [2]
Look up your postcode and find out if you could be fracked and join the legal block now.
Now is our chance to take a stand to keep dirty fuels in the ground where they belong and say no to fracking our communities.
Scarlett Cannon is a Heavenly Healer, a Glamourous Gardener and a 1980's style icon. She is also a friend of the Barnet Eye blog and writes her own excellent blog here - - I took the liberty of posting my fave picture of her up as well, as  it is always a treat !

Guest Blogs are always welcome from our friends and foes alike !

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this Rog.
The text originates from Greenpeace - I signed up to the legal block and hope others will have a look and perhaps choose to do the same. It seems we actually CAN make a difference this time!