Thursday, 17 October 2013

The sad truth about our local politicians

The purpose of local politicians to ensure that our local area gets the best deal possible. Does anyone ever stand on a platform of "we'll make the locality worse". Whatever they do, they should be fighting as hard as possible to get the best deal for local people and do as much as possible to protect local jobs. Barnet Council signed a contract with Capita in September that will see up to 300 jobs move from Barnet to other areas of the country and possibly abroad. Each one of these jobs will take money out of the local economy. Each one of these jobs will mean less money spent on the High St and less money collected locally in taxation. Each one of these redundancies will put a strain on a local family.

The sad truth is that our local politicians have failed to do their job. At present Capita are in the process of telling staff when they will be sacked. Other local authorities who signed such deals put clauses in the contract to protect the local economy. Barnet Council have failed us. Times are hard economically and the last thing we need is a bunch of politicians running the show who don't care. Sadly that is what we've got. 

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