Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Saturday list #46 - Ten tweeters you really should follow

Today the Times magazine posted a list of the top 40 people you really should follow on Twitter. It was quite an interesting list, so I thought the Barnet Eye should really have its own list. Clearly this will be a bit more Barnet centric than the times. I have not listed any of the Barnet bloggers (see the sidebar) as it goes without saying that you should follow them, so I don't want to use up half the list on my blogging colleagues !

If I was only allowed to follow ten people, these  are the ten I'd choose because they all post interesting things which I enjoy reading (for a whole host of reasons!)

1. Councillor Robert Rams - - Roberts feed is often unintentionally hilarious. It is a good study in car crash tweeting. Perhaps the best thing is the quickfire response of many of Roberts admirers. Always good for a laugh Check this out


2. Camden Town London.  - great tweeter. The best ones are the saucy ones posted on return from the pub, which mysteriously disappear the next day ! Always good value.


3. Dave Hill. Guardian writer and London geezer. Always something interesting going on.


4. Rodney Marsh. - Ex QPR and Manchester City striker. If you like football chitchat, Sir Rodney is one of the best.


5. Kate Belgrave - Journalist & campaigner. Always got something worth reading to say for herself.


6. Tweets MP's Delete. Does what its says on the tin ! A great source of embarrassing gaffes by our elected members


7. Matthew Offord MP local MP for Hendon, opponent of gay marriage, campaigner for Human rights for dogs. Sadly he only allows his mates to see his blurberings, which are exceptionally funny (though not deliberately so)


8. Captain Sensible Guitarist of the Damned. One of the more entertaining twitterers in the music world


9. Richard Dawkins The Archbishop of Canterbury for the UK's Atheist population. Always a good source of controversy.


10. Vincent Kompany Centre Half for Manchester City. Interesting insightful tweets on a range of subjects. A cut above the usual level of tweets from the football fraternity.


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