Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Your Choice Barnet whitewash scandal

Last night Barnet Council held a meeting to review a task and finish report into the financial failure of Your Choice Barnet. This private company was set up with taxpayers money to provide social care. It needed a million pound bale out after less than a year. Any other private company would be placed into administration and the people responsible sacked. Of course this didnt happen. The only logical conclusion is that the report is a whitewash and the people who siggned up to it are imbeciles. And that really is all there is to say.

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Anonymous said...

No imbecile would have signed it. those who signed it are mean stupid or lost the plot. the former applies to the Labour group. I've never witness such a major cook-up in my 50 years in politics. This group is missing a leadership and a vision. I'm dreading the election day.