Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bunns Lane Mill Hill travellers removed by police

A large police operation yesterday evening saw a group of travellers removed from a site in Bunns Lane, Mill Hill.The site was then secured by workmen and large concrete blocks have been placed at the entrance to block vehicle access. Local MP Matthew Offord told the Barnet Eye on Friday that he considered travellers to be a major nuisance and that he would work with Police to evict them from any illegal site in his constituency. It is unclear whether Mr Offord participated in the Police Operation.


Mrs Angry said...

Perhaps Mr Offord, who likes to appears to be a God fearing man, might like to consider extending the Christian virtues of tolerance and compassion to a group of people who have always been denied a legal stopping places in this borough,even during the many years when Barnet council was legally obliged to do so. But then it seems a local authority may break the law with impunity and no sanction, and refuse to respect the basic human rights to gypsies and travellers, simply because of who they are - marginalised, demonised, and used as a scapegoat by the tabloid mentality of every bigot in the country, and beyond. Shameful.

baarnett said...

"... from any illegal site in his constituency"

Wasn't the "reason" why LB Barnet acted unlawfully, in not providing ANY site for travellers, was that "there was no demand".

Well, that's not true, is it!