Sunday, 10 November 2013

Councillor Hugh Rayner scrutinising the One Barnet Contract (before the Council gave Capita a £16.1 Million bung)

Last week the Barnet Eye had the temerity to suggest that Councillor Hugh Rayner do his job properly as the chair of the Business Management and Overview Committee (a post which attracts a juicy allowance). Word reaches the Barnet Eye that Hugh is slightly miffed that we've been so beastly to him, as it ain't his fault guv'nor, it was another committee who should have dun the screwtiny (cos it most certainly looks like we've been screwedeedoo'd).

We are endebted to the Barnet Bugle for recording for posterity some rather nice footage of Hugh Rayner in action, showing us just how good he is at his job and how he'll stop us getting done over.

Does the explanation sound reassuring to you. In light of the £16.1 million cash bung, do you think Cllr Rayner pressed the point home hard enough? Of course Councillor Rayner is not the only councillor who has to answer questions. He is however the one who was ultimately responsinble for scrutiny of the process of managing the contractors. He clearly had concerns, so the question is did he do enough to reassure himself that the Barnet Taxpayer would not get screwed over. The Barnet Bugle has done an excellent job recording this for posterity so we can all judge for ourself the answer.

The great thing about the One Barnet Process is that due to diligent work of various bloggers and citizens such as the Barnet Bugle, there is a public record of all this.

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