Sunday 10 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday

As is customary this year, the Barnet Eye takes pause on this day to reflect on those who fell in conflicts around the world, fighting to defend our freedom. Let us remind ourselves what exactly we are remembering. We are remembering others who made a sacrifice for us. None of the brave men and women who enlisted or were called up went to war with the intention of dying. They all hoped to come back to a better world. That they didn't live to see the better world they created is their gift to us, therefore we should, if we are to have any dignity, pause at this time to offer our thanks

So this morning, I made my way to John Keble Church, where my sons Scout troop were participating in the Remembrance Sunday service. I must say it was a moving service, with a beautiful choir and a bugler to sound the last post. The church was packed and it was great to see every generation represented and respectfully recalling those who went before us.

After the service finished, we made our way to the Welsh Harp, where we'd been invited by the C/O of TS Broadswords Sea Training Corps to attend their Remembrance Sunday Lunch. We did a blog featuring the activities of TS Broadsword here - -  and it was great to see Commander Beck and the crew again. I was lucky enough to find myself on a very special table with a young lady who was the newest member of the corps. Her parents were originally from Romania, settling in the UK eleven years ago, shortly before the birth of their daughter. It is a great testament to the strength of our country that we welcome people. She was called out and given a special mention during the speeches. When I see all of the fine young people attending such services, it gives me great hope for our society and our future.

Usually I have celebrated Remembrance Sunday watching my son play in goal for Watling FC youth team. This year I couldn't as I'd made the other arrangements, but I was proud to hear that both Watling and Yeading FC (their opponents) proudly respected a minute silence prior to kick off. I always enjoy rereading the blogs from previous years about remembrance Sunday that I've posted - - and I hope that the readers of this blog feel the same way.

As a nation we have much to be proud of and many people, no longer around to be grateful to. There are however plenty of ex service people and families who need help. Sadly this country does not look after our ex servicemen in a manner I believe they should. For this reason I have no hesitation in asking you to donate some of your hard earned cash to the Royal British legion -

At the service at John Keble, there was an interview during the service with a retired scnior General from the British Army. He expressed the hope that one day we won't need armed forces and we'll find better ways to sort out our differences. Sadly looking at the world today, that day seems a long way off.

One final word. On the back of the order of service at John Keble Church was an appeal for funds. The Church is a hub of the community, hosting scouts, cubs, guides etc. It also hosts a homeless shelter during Barnets cold winter months. Please consider a donation -

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